NSF Public Education Program

The National Sleep Foundation is able to further its mission of sleep education through the creation of its public education program and work with licensed products. The National Sleep Foundation works with licensed partners and their products in distributing our healthy sleep message. These products bear the “official” designation of the National Sleep Foundation and communicate a commitment to healthy sleep. Our goal is to help consumers create healthy, comfortable sleep environments while educating them on the importance of sleep and how to get it.

Official Mattress

Serta’s Perfect Sleeper® is the Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation. Every new Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress comes with the National Sleep Foundation’s Guide to Sleeping Well. This informative booklet provides tips, suggestions and resources to help you get the most from the new Perfect Sleeper mattress every night. For additional information, visit serta.com.


Official Mattress and Pillow Protectors

PureCare® Mattress & Pillow Protectors are the Official Mattress and Pillow Protectors of the National Sleep Foundation. These products protect your mattress and pillow from allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, and irritants that can disrupt sleep. Each PureCare package includes the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Protection Plan brochure. For more information, visit purecare.com.


Official Sheets

Indo Count’s Infinity sheet range is the Official Sheet of the National Sleep Foundation. Indo Count is a specialized end-to-end bedding provider that is solely focused on creating all-encompassing sleep experiences. Indo Count will work with the NSF to educate Americans about the importance of sheets for maintaining comfort to get a better night’s sleep. For additional information, visit indocount.com.


Official Sound Conditioner

HoMedics is the official sound-conditioning partner of the National Sleep Foundation.  A recognized innovator in self-care, HoMedics’ SoundSpa line of premium sound-technology products uses white noise and nature sounds that have been digitally mastered to help adults and infants achieve the deepest, most-relaxed sleep possible. Each is designed for maximum ease of use and portability, to encourage travel that’s less disruptive to sleep patterns. Sleep health is just part of HoMedics’ overall mission to provide products that promote overall well-being, allowing you to relax your body, renew your spirit and simplify your life. For more information, visit HoMedics.com.


To learn more about these programs, please contact the National Sleep Foundation at nsf@thensf.org.