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Sleep technology is a burgeoning health category with the potential to use tech to bridge the gap between consumers and medicine. SleepTech®, the National Sleep Foundation’s membership program consists of industry leaders who meet to advance sleep technology landscape. 

NSF is pleased to announce a partnership with Samsung Electronics Ltd. With this partnership, NSF sleep health content will be featured in the sleep section of the Samsung Health application, which currently has more than 60 million monthly active users.

Sleep technology has incredible potential to improve consumers’ sleep and their health. This partnership enables NSF to provide sleep health education and tailored information on the Samsung Health app. Learn more at our Media Center.

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NSF/CTA/ANSI Standards


Sleep technology has incredible potential to improve consumers’ sleep and their health.  Sleep technology is making incredible progress in democratizing personal sleep health information. 

CTA and the National Sleep Foundation partnered to develop technology standards that aid the development of consumer sleep technology. 

Current Standards

The 2022 SleepTech® Award Winners

Sleep Health and Wellness
Sleep Disorders and Conditions

The SleepTech Award recognizes innovation in sleep technology. Past winners include:

  • Kokoon
  • Itamar Medical
  • The ReST Bed™
  • Timeshifter – The Jet Lag App® 
  • SNOO Smart Sleeper

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