Foundations of Sleep Health

The National Sleep Foundation’s new textbook, Foundations of Sleep Health, will educate future public health professionals on sleep health global perspectives, contemporary theories, and modern practices.

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) has published Foundations of Sleep Health, its first sleep health textbook. This new resource provides a historic and current overview of the state of sleep health, with an emphasis on the interaction between several levels of determinants and factors that influence sleep health.


F. Javier Nieto, MD, PhD, MPH, MHS
Dean, College of Public Health and Human Services
Oregon State University

Donna J. Petersen ScD, MHS, CPH
Dean, College of Public Health
University of South Florida


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Table of Contents

Foreword By Roland Thorpe Jr.

Chapter 1: Components of normal human sleep
Dayna A. Johnson and Charles A Czeisler

Chapter 2: Sleep in human and cultural evolution
Chighaf Bakour, F. Javier Nieto, and Donna Petersen

Chapter 3: Measuring sleep health
Meredith L. Wallace, Martica H. Hall, and Daniel J. Buysse

Chapter 4: Genetic and biological factors in sleep
Nicholas Gentry, Louis Ptacek, and Ying-Hui Fu

Chapter 5: Psychosocial dimensions of sleep health
Mariana Szklo-Coxe, Kendall A. Leser, and Margaret M. Lubas

Chapter 6: Associations between sleep, diet, and exercise: implications for health and well-being
Kristen L. Knutson

Chapter 7: Sleep health in children and adolescents
Tanvi Mukundan, Irina Trosman, Innessa Donskoy, and Stephen H. Sheldon

Chapter 8: The family’s role in sleep health
Orfeu Marcello Buxton, Elizabeth Adams, Liu Bai and Douglas Michael Teti

Chapter 9: Sleep health and aging
Tamar Shochat

Chapter 10: Determinants and health consequences of modifiable sleep health disparities
Chandra L. Jackson

Chapter 11: Bedroom environment and sleep health
Natalie D. Dautovich, Joseph M. Dzierzewski, and Ashley MacPherson

Chapter 12: Built environment and sleep health
Guido Simonelli and Lauren Hale

Chapter 13: The healthcare environment: a medical and a public health challenge
Meghan N. Buran and Jonathan M. Samet

Chapter 14: The policy environment
Thomas A. Birkland

Special Features

Readers will have access to print and online downloadable textbook materials that follow current standards in public health curriculum and continuing medical education.