About SleepTech®

Advancing Sleep Health Through SleepTech®

Want to know what we think will bring the next wave of growth in sleep health? As part of National Sleep Foundation’s (NSF) sleep health mission, a stated goal is that sleep science and insights are rapidly incorporated into accessible health products and services. Sleep technology has incredible potential to improve consumers’ sleep and their health. NSF is committed to making science-based sleep tech more accessible and convenient so anyone and everyone can be their Best Slept Self®.

Sleep technology is a burgeoning health category with the potential to use tech to bridge the gap between consumers and medicine.

How We Lead

SleepTech® Network

The SleepTech® Network comprises industry leaders dedicated to advancing the promise of technology for sleep health. NSF is committed to providing expert content and data-driven resources to help innovators best serve consumer needs and public health.

SleepTech® Award

The SleepTech® Award celebrates advancements in sleep technology, promoting the integration of sleep science and know-how into health products and services. The SleepTech award is given annually in two categories: Sleep Health and Wellness and Sleep Disorders and Conditions.

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The 2023 SleepTech® Award Winners

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Sleep Health and Wellness
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Sleep Disorders and Conditions

Setting Sleep Standards

NSF and the Consumer Technology Association™ (CTA), an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standards developer, partner to develop technology performance and measurement standards that inform the development of consumer sleep technology.

Conducting Custom Research

Want to know more about your consumers’ thoughts on SleepTech? Do you have a technology product you want to test in the lab or home environment?

NSF designs, executes, and analyzes custom research studies for organizations that want to know more about the public’s sleep. Using NSF’s validated, proprietary tools and survey instruments, NSF conducts US-based and global research to gather consumer insights about sleep & technology, and to evaluate SleepTech performance. NSF uses our HIPAA-compliant SleepLife® platform and mobile application to build a custom platform for data collection and analysis and to integrate with wearables or other devices. 

As the leading independent source of information on the public’s sleep health, NSF’s research results and insights have broad reach and impact. In fact, study results have been used in multiple global markets.

If you are interested in working with NSF to design a custom SleepTech research study, email:

Advocating for SleepTech

National Sleep Foundation advocates for the rapid inclusion of sleep science and insight into accessible consumer health products and services. We believe innovation and technology can have positive effects on wellness and health. NSF engages with the public, policymakers, scientists, and industry to advance the responsible use of technology to help anyone and everyone be their Best Slept Self®.