Board of Directors

The National Sleep Foundation is governed by volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors.

Education Committee

The Education Committee provides strategic direction and leadership to education programs, including Continuing Medical Education (CME) and non-CME education initiatives, annual CME Activity Plan, and multi-year program calendar.  The CME Task Force reports to the Education Committee on CME activities.

Public Health and Methodology Council

The Public Health and Methodology Council is comprised of leading sleep health researchers, physicians, epidemiologists, methodologists and biostatisticians. It oversees population health initiatives, such as NSF consensus panels, and makes recommendations to advance the population health and methodology agenda. NSF relies on the Council to provide a reliable source of expertise on sleep and its association to health.  

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee proposes strategies, objectives, and tactics for government affairs programs and advocacy efforts.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees and reviews the annual operating budget, capital budget process, financial and reserve performances, financial controls, and investment policy. 

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee provides an essential function of identifying Board members and officers and determining Board needs for leadership.  

SleepTech Council

The Sleep Technology Council is responsible for the planning of an annual event promoting sleep technology. The Council also oversees the development of industry and consumer outreach initiatives designed to support the growth of the sleep technology sector.