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Every year, the National Sleep Foundation takes this time to reemphasize the important connection between your sleep and your health and well-being. We're here to help you become your Best Slept Self. Because deep, rejuvenating sleep is what we toss-and-turn about.

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Why we do it?
The connection between sleep and health is real. It impacts every one of us. It’s why we conduct our Sleep in America® Poll and release our findings to anyone who wants to know pretty much anything about sleep. During Sleep Awareness Week, we share valuable information on how people have been sleeping the past year, while offering research-based advice on the benefits of quality sleep and how it affects health and well-being.
What’s the National Sleep Foundation all about?
Short answer? Your sleep. We’ve been studying and reporting on it for over 30 years. It continues to be what springs us out of bed in the morning. Need a sleep aid? Consider us your go-to for daily habits and routines that lead to a healthier night’s sleep.
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See a renewed you after taking small steps each day and night that make a big difference in sleep health.

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We break down our research results and translate all the scientific stuff into knowledge and advice you can apply to your daily sleep routine. You can start by reading some of our articles.
Did you know that a good night’s sleep starts with what you do during the day? In fact, from the moment you wake up, you’re affecting your sleep […]
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When you aren’t sleeping well, you aren’t your best. A bad night of sleep leaves you with that head-in-the-clouds feeling the next day—fatigued, unfocused, […]
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Did you know that creating a consistent mealtime schedule can improve the quality of your sleep? Your appetite and metabolism are an important part of your […]
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Our blog articles cover a wide range of topics that relate to sleep health.
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Stay tuned for our 2023 Poll Results!
Our annual Poll surveys daily habits and routines and how they relate to the sleep performance of Americans. Keying in on actionable solutions, informed by our Poll findings, is the first step toward better and more regular shuteye. See how America slept in 2022! See our 2022 Poll Results below.

We can do better on the daily behaviors that impact our sleep health.

Key survey results

Light Exposure During the Day

Nearly ½ of Americans say they're not exposed to bright light indoors in the morning (49%) or afternoon (47%)

Physical Activity

More than ⅓ of Americans (36%) fall short of CDC recommendations for moderate or vigorous activity, and when they're not physcially active, they spend much of their time seated

Meal Regularity

4 in 10 Americans eat meals at inconsistent times

Screen Use at Night

Over ½ of Americans (58%) often look at screens within an hour before bedtime or in bed before sleep

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Check out the National Sleep Foundation's full Sleep in America® Poll Report
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