SleepTech® Network

The NSF SleepTech® Network comprises industry leaders dedicated to advancing the promise of technology for sleep health. NSF is committed to providing expert content and data-driven resources to help innovators best serve consumer needs and public health.

NSF provides evidence-based and consensus-driven recommendations and content that can help today’s innovators engage with consumers and professionals who apply technology to sleep health.

SleepTech® Network Membership

The SleepTech Network supports NSF’s promise to the public to help anyone and everyone be their Best Slept Self®.
By joining the network, members gain access to:

Established industry
leaders and experts in the field of sleep technology

Current NSF content and resources to help members stay up-to-date with the latest SleepTech research and trends

Opportunities to collaborate and network with other sleep tech organizations and professionals

SleepTech® Network Members

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SleepTech® Network FAQs

What are the benefits of joining the SleepTech Network?

The SleepTech Network provides a valuable platform for networking, access to industry events, and the ability to collaborate with other professionals in the field of sleep technology. See the prospectus for a full list of benefits.

What companies can become a member of the NSF SleepTech Network?

The NSF SleepTech Network is a group of organizations that are dedicated to improving the sleep industry through technology. Companies and non-profit organizations that qualify to join the network include sleep health technology companies that manufacture, distribute, or research sleep health technology products to improve sleep for the public.

Are individual memberships available?

Individual memberships are available to entrepreneurs and start-up organizations as a SleepTech Network affiliate.

What is the membership year?

Membership is on a rolling basis. Membership includes 12 months from when the company joins.

Can I use the National Sleep Foundation logo?

SleepTech Network members are only allowed to use the NSF SleepTech Network logo. Use of the NSF enterprise name and mark is prohibited unless there is a separate licensing agreement in place.

Does my company need to be a member of the SleepTech Network to apply for the SleepTech® Award?

No, membership in the SleepTech Network is not a prerequisite for submitting an application for the SleepTech Award.

Is my company eligible for membership after being selected as a SleepTech Award winner or finalist?

Yes. Your company is eligible for SleepTech Network membership regardless of your SleepTech Award status.

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