SleepTech® Award

The National Sleep Foundation’s SleepTech® Award recognizes the year’s most innovative achievement in sleep technology. The SleepTech award is given in two categories: Sleep Health and Wellness, which includes products and services consumers can use as part of their daily routine for sleep and health; and Sleep Disorders and Conditions, which includes solutions that seek to improve the patient experience for diagnosis and treatment. The National Sleep Foundation’s 5th Annual SleepTech Award was announced on December 21, 2022.

Do you have an innovative sleep product? Apply for the National Sleep Foundation’s 6th Annual SleepTech Award!


Submissions must promote sleep technology applied in their product.


Step 1

Complete the application survey and submit product photos by Friday, November 3, 2023.

Step 2

Finalists will be notified to participate in a 15-minute presentation with a Q&A with judges.

Step 3

The winner will be announced following the final round in early December.

SleepTech Award Winners
Will Receive

  • NSF press release and social media announcements
  • SleepTech Award logo for promotional use
  • A link to the winner’s website on the SleepTech Award page

The Application

The application period closes November 3, 2023.
Application fee: $100 for members of the SleepTech® Network or $300 for non-members.
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Sleep Disorders and Conditions

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