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National Sleep Foundation Journal Publishes Special Issue to Help Advance Sleep Health

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Contact: Stephanie Kohn

National Sleep Foundation Journal Publishes Special Issue to Help Advance Sleep Health

Washington, D.C. (February 7, 2022): The National Sleep Foundation’s (NSF) Sleep Health Journal has published a special issue as part of its efforts towards sleep health equity. The online issue represents a guiding framework for understanding the critical intersections of race-ethnicity, income, education, and other social determinants that contribute to the well-documented racial-ethnic disparities in sleep health in the U.S.

“It’s time to move the needle forward beyond the individual and shed light on the socio-political contexts that perpetuate disparities in sleep health across racial-ethnic groups in the U.S. The studies in this special issue highlight the science of sleep health as a powerful social justice tool that can be leveraged to promote sleep health equity within our society. #NoJusticeNoSleep”, said Royette Dubar, PhD, Assistant Professor at Wesleyan University and Associate Editor of Sleep Health. Dubar authored the special issue’s editorial which provides an overview of the landscape of sleep health disparities and introduces the articles in the issue.

“The National Sleep Foundation is committed to publishing research that identifies ways to advance sleep health across all populations. By identifying opportunities for additional research and giving a platform for it to be shared amongst the field, is one way NSF commits to moving the needle on eradicating sleep health disparities,” said  Temitayo Oyegbile-Chidi, MD, PhD, NSF Board Member and Chair of NSF’s Sleep Health Equity Task Force.

The studies in this collection provide important insight for efforts to improve sleep health equity. Manuscripts will be added over time, and articles will be open access for several months after they are added. For more information, read the editorial here and learn more about NSF’s Statement on Equality and the Need for Change.


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