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National Sleep Foundation Launches SleepTech® Network

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National Sleep Foundation Launches SleepTech® Network
Premier Community Forum for Stakeholders in the Sleep Technology Industry

Las Vegas, Nev. (January 9, 2024): The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) today launched its SleepTech® Network, a new community forum for stakeholders across the sleep technology industry. The announcement comes from CES® in Las Vegas, a trade show that showcases the entire tech landscape. NSF is exhibiting at Booth 8604 in the North Hall in Tech East. 

Among the inaugural members of the SleepTech® Network are organizations ranging from high-profile start-ups to representatives of the Fortune Global 500, reflecting important segments including consumer electronics, digital therapeutics, mobility, consumer home products, and sleep-monitoring AI software. Members include Asleep, Pocket Kado, PureCare, Samsung Health, Variowell, and Waymo. 

NSF’s SleepTech Network benefits members through education, insights, and access, including to NSF resources and each other. Each organization can stay informed and up-to-date with the latest NSF research and data on sleep health technology, while network members learn about advances with other professionals in the field of SleepTech, discuss sleep technology issues and opportunities, and interact with peers at NSF-hosted educational events. 

Kickoff activities for SleepTech® Network members include a briefing on rates of electronic device use before bedtime and associated sleep characteristics, along with public beliefs about the sleep-related consequences of pre-sleep electronic use. Joseph Dzierzewski, PhD, NSF’s Vice President of Research and Scientific Affairs will lead the briefing, exploring NSF’s newest research results and key findings.   

“NSF sees the potential SleepTech® has to help the public’s health and well-being. It’s a fast-growing global industry, and NSF’s role is not just to advocate for and support innovation in this space, but also to do our part and help others understand and navigate it in a way that can improve sleep health,” said John Lopos, NSF CEO.

NSF is committed to making science-based SleepTech more accessible and convenient so anyone and everyone can be their Best Slept Self®. For over 30 years, NSF has educated the public about the importance of sleep for health and well-being. NSF has promoted positive sleep health through published expert recommendations, consensus guidelines, technology standards, and easy-to-use tips and tools to improve sleep. 

For more information about NSF’s SleepTech Network, and to apply, visit

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