Sleep in America® Polls

The Sleep in America® Poll is the National Sleep Foundation’s premier annual review of current sleep topics. The poll was first conducted in 1991 and has been produced by Langer Research Associates since 2018.

Sleep in America® Poll 2023

National Sleep Foundation’s 2023 Sleep in America® Poll shows sleep health is strongly associated with mental health in the general population.

Results show that many Americans who are dissatisfied with their sleep also experience mild or greater levels of depressive symptoms. In addition, nearly all American adults with very good overall sleep health have no significant depressive symptoms.

Sleep in America® Poll

Sleep in America® Poll 2022

National Sleep Foundation’s 2022 Sleep in America® Poll shows significant opportunities to improve daily activities that are associated with a range of positive sleep and health outcomes.

Sleep in America® Poll 2021

National Sleep Foundation’s 2021 Sleep in America® Poll shows gaps between public sentiment and the effects of clock change. In the National Sleep Foundation’s national, random-sample survey, over 70 percent of those in Daylight Saving Time-observing states said time changes aren’t a problem for them in either direction.

Sleep in America® Poll 2020

The 2020 poll, administered alongside the Sleep Health Index, explored mood and coping with sleepiness. The poll found that Americans feel sleepy on average three times a week with impacts on activities, mood, and acuity.

Additional Sleep in America® Poll Topics

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