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Sleep Health Journal Publishes Special Issue on Sleep in the Family System

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Contact: Stephanie Kohn

National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Health Journal Publishes Special Issue on Sleep in the Family System


Washington, D.C. (February 16, 2022): The National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Health journal has published a special issue to highlight the central role of sleep in key aspects of family life, spanning individual functioning, relationship quality, and overall family health. 

“We’re pleased that Drs. Douglas Teti, Liat Tikotzky and Helen Ball served as Co-Editors of this special issue and lent their expert perspectives,” said Dr. Orfeu Buxton, Editor-in-Chief of Sleep Health. This issue highlights the importance of understanding the intricate and significant ways sleep can interact with environmental and cultural factors to affect all members and facets of the family system.

“Sleep in children is intricately embedded in the overall family system.  It can affect and be affected by parent cognitions, parent-child interactions and relationships, and the manner in which parents structure sleep and prepare children for it,” said Dr. Douglas Teti, Department Head and Distinguished Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, at The Pennsylvania State University and Sleep Health Associate Editor. Along with Dr. Teti, Dr. Liat Tikotzky, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology at Ben-Gurion University (Israel), and Dr. Helen Ball, Director of Durham Infancy & Sleep Centre at the Durham University (UK), edited the special issue and authored its editorial, which provides an overview of the articles in the issue.

The National Sleep Foundation is committed to publishing research that identifies ways to advance sleep health across all populations. The special issue can be accessed on the Sleep Health Journal website at 

On February 23, 2022, Drs. Teti, Tikotzky, and Ball will host a live webinar titled “Sleep in the Family System” with select authors of articles featured in the special issue. For more information and to register, visit the Sleep Health Journal website. 


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