Fitness and Your Sleep

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Exercise right. Sleep better.

Regular exercise was better for sleep than not exercising at all, but there is more to how exercise connects to sleep health.


Sleep and Exercise

When you work out matters

Regular exercise can help you get a good night’s sleep, but the time of day when you work out makes a difference in certain aspects of your sleep. Learn more about how the time of day you exercise matters.

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Celebrate Your Sleep Health!

With the beginning of Daylight Saving Time comes the clock change. We spring forward, while our sleep quality may fall backward. The National Sleep Foundation is here to help you cope with sleep disruptions. 

Each year, during Sleep Awareness Week we share resources on the importance of sleep health, research results, and useful tips to improve your sleep quality.

Featured Sleep Health Articles & Useful Tips

Sleep Awareness Week 2021: March 14 - 20

As the global voice for sleep health, National Sleep Foundation educates the public through our annual Sleep Awareness Week campaign - Celebrate Your Sleep Health.

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